The Fun Antiques Story

The Fun Antiques Story

Cambridge, MA

How does a domestic interior become a home or personal space? We believe it starts when you turn the light on.

At Fun Antiques, our business is lighting. We serve North Cambridge as a full service lighting repair and restoration workshop and antique specialty store. Owner Jerry Gordon, a former sound engineer and musician, has 25 years of experience in the lighting repair and antiques business and brings a keen eye for detail and design to the historic pieces he collects to rework and rewire for the store located at 33 Belmont St in Cambridge, MA.

Jerry's antique lighting expertise spans a full range of periods, materials, and lighting styles. The workshop takes in small and large projects, from rewiring a single electrical socket to replacing the broken arms of a Victorian chandelier. Fun Antiques' diverse inventory of antique lamp parts helps customers find or order the right replacement pieces for specialized jobs. As an independent local business, Fun Antiques prides itself on customer service and tailoring repair services to individual projects.

In addition to the workshop, the Fun Antiques Store carries unique vintage home decor, including lamps and lighting styles from Victorian to mid century, antiques and collectibles, furniture, framed prints and posters, and sculpture. The Fun Antiques Store also stocks a range of vintage sound equipment, including microphones, record players, and musical instruments. All items in the Store are hand-picked by Jerry from homes, estates and auctions throughout New England and brought into the workshop for cleaning and restoration. All lamps and fixtures are re-wired prior to sale. Fun Antiques also supports the local film and music industry through prop and sound rentals.

As a collector and craftsman with a passion for history and design, Jerry and the Fun Antiques team strive to preserve the original beauty of any piece we restore. Antique lighting repair is a detail driven process which should take into consideration the form and function of each piece as an art object. We take pride in our role as restorers and hope that these treasures of the past will continue to bring light and the desired ambiance to your home, space, or set.

We are continually updating this site and the selection offered in our store. Contact us at or call 617.492.0515 Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6 Sunday 12-4 for information.